European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies

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The multilingual European Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary to index and retrieve special subject literature in the field of International Relations and Area Studies. Most of the literature in our online catalogue respectively in the World Affairs Online database is indexed with this thesaurus. Click on the magnifier icon behind the descriptor to start a search in the online catalogue. Here the theaurus is available in english and german language.

Tip: Combine a descriptor with a class from the regional classification in the advanced search of our online catalogue to limit the results to a geographical region. (show example).

Thematic Scope

The European Thesaurus focusses mainly on international politics and area studies. The thesaurus is made up of 24 subject fields with each field having a further sub-structuring. The European Thesaurus contains circa 8.200 descriptors (preferred terms). About 600 of the descriptors are proper names of relevant international organisations and international agreements.