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Add. Title info.: ...lacht am Besten?
Author: Thimm, Johannes
Author / Ed.: meint Johannes Thimm. Das Interview führte Nina Niebergall
Pub.date: 4/25/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.dw.com/de/machtkampf-bei-den-republikanern-wer-zuletzt-lacht/a-19213007
Doc.ID: c-00948209
Author: DeLeon, Rudy
Lang, Hardin
Author / Ed.: by Hardin Lang and Rudy deLeon
Pub.date: 4/13/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: https://cdn.americanprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/12143137/PalestinianEcon.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00947972
Author: Dieter, Heribert
Author / Ed.: Heribert Dieter
Pub.date: 4/8/2016
In: Wirtschaftswoche
ISSN: 0042-8582
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: Ea 109:32 | ZB 00008 | ZA107 | AA-Referat 116 | RV 00506 | Zs 226
Doc.ID: c-00948107
Add. Title info.: US hegemony in a new Gulf security order
Author: Saab, Bilal Y.
Author / Ed.: Bilal Y. Saab
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/images/publications/Hub_and_Spoke_0414_web.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00947645
Author: Barfi, Barak
Author / Ed.: Barak Barfi
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/uploads/Documents/pubs/ResearchNote32-Barfi.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00947499
Author: Dagan, David
Teles, Steven M.
Author / Ed.: David Dagan and Steven M. Teles
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
In: National affairs
ISSN: 2150-6469
Issue: n.27
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: X. 00879 | X. 00897
Doc.ID: c-00947427
Add. Title info.: a fractional cointegration approach
Author: Caporale, Guglielmo Maria
Gil-Alana, Luis A.
Orlando, James C.
Author / Ed.: Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Luis A. Gil-Alana and James C. Orlando
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
In: International journal of finance and economics
ISSN: 1076-9307
Issue: v.21 n.2
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: ZA061
Doc.ID: c-00947369
Add. Title info.: community organizing et mobilisations dans les quartiers populaires
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
In: Mouvements
ISSN: 1291-6412
Issue: n.85
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: RV 00587
Doc.ID: c-00946467
Add. Title info.: unfinished business for the Obama administration
Author: Brooks-Rubin, Brad
Prendergast, John
Author / Ed.: by John Prendergast and Brad Brooks-Rubin
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.enoughproject.org/files/Modernized_Sanctions_for_Sudan_042016.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00948327
Author: Cass, Oren
Author / Ed.: Oren Cass
Pub.date: 4/1/2016
In: National affairs
ISSN: 2150-6469
Issue: n.27
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: X. 00879 | X. 00897
Doc.ID: c-00947430
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