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Add. Title info.: hearing
Author / Ed.: United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
Pub.date: 9/20/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Website: http://www.foreign.senate.gov/hearings/south-sudan-us-options-as-south-sudan-leaders-fail-the-peace-092016p
Doc.ID: c-00956608
Author: Zanotti, Jim
Author / Ed.: Jim Zanotti
Pub.date: 9/16/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/R44245.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00956635
Add. Title info.: a blueprint to regulate US-Mexico labor mobility in the 21st century
Author / Ed.: Carlos Gutierrez ..., co-chairs of the working group. Michael A. Clemens, lead author
Pub.date: 9/13/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.cgdev.org/sites/default/files/CGD-shared-border-shared-future-report-eng1.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00956579
Author: Katzman, Kenneth
Author / Ed.: Kenneth Katzman
Pub.date: 9/7/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/R44533.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00956596
Author: Rudolf, Peter
Author / Ed.: Peter Rudolf
Pub.date: 9/1/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.swp-berlin.org/fileadmin/contents/products/studien/2016S17_rdf.pdf
Full-text: 2016S17_rdf.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00956163
Author: Lieven, Anatol
Author / Ed.: by Anatol Lieven
Pub.date: 9/1/2016
In: The national interest
ISSN: 0884-9382
Issue: n.145
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: X. 00713 | ZD 00392 | ZD e-00392 | ZS N | Db 109:203
Doc.ID: c-00956497
Author: Vučetić, Srdjan
Author / Ed.: Srdjan Vucetic
Pub.date: 9/1/2016
In: Journal of transatlantic studies
ISSN: 1479-4012
Issue: v.14 n.3
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: ZD 00547 | X. 00873
Doc.ID: c-00955909
Add. Title info.: why Washington should accept the New Silk Road
Author: Luft, Gal
Author / Ed.: Gal Luft
Pub.date: 9/1/2016
In: Foreign affairs
ISSN: 0015-7120
Issue: v.95 n.5
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: ZS F | ZS-INT | BZ FOREAF | ZD 00382 | X. 00052 | ZS-INT; GIGA-Netz | Db 109:429 | ZK007 | Z - USA 4 | Zs 260 | AA-Online
Doc.ID: c-00956067
Add. Title info.: die transatlantischen Beziehungen werden in jedem Fall komplizierter
Author: Brozus, Lars
Overhaus, Marco
Author / Ed.: Lars Brozus und Marco Overhaus
Pub.date: 9/1/2016
In: Europäische Sicherheit & Technik
ISSN: 2193-746X
Issue: v.65 n.9
Pub.type: Articles in Serials
Shelf number: Y. 01124 | ZD 00543 | BZ SUT | Xa 109:45
Doc.ID: c-00956817
Author: Korteweg, Rem
Author / Ed.: by Rem Korteweg
Pub.date: 9/1/2016
Pub.type: Monographs/Papers
Full-text: http://www.iai.it/sites/default/files/iaiwp1625.pdf
Doc.ID: c-00956809
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