Neue Publikationen von GIGA Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern im Katalog

Setting the stage

Narlikar, Amrita
In: Breaches and bridges: German foreign policy in turbulent times. - London: World Scientific Publishing Europe. (2017), (2017), S. 13-26, S.13-26

Manipulating civic space: Cyber trolling in Thailand and the Philippines

Sombatpoonsiri, Janjira
Hamburg: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, June 2018

Manipulation des zivilgesellschaftlichen Raums: Cybertrolle in Thailand und den Philippinen

Sombatpoonsiri, Janjira
Hamburg: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Juni 2018

Do associations support authoritarian rule?: evidence from Algeria, Mozambique, and Vietnam

Wischermann, Jörg; Bunk, Bettina; Köllner, Patrick ...
ISSN: 1744-8697
In: Journal of civil society. - London [u.a.]: Taylor & Francis. ISSN: 1744-8697. - 14(2018), 2, S.95-115

Contesting the hydrocarbon frontiers: state depoliticizing practices and local responses in Peru

Schilling-Vacaflor, Almut; Flemmer, Riccarda; Hujber, Anna
In: World development: the multi-disciplinary international journal devoted to the study and promotion of world development. - Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier Science. - 108(2018), S.74-85

Elite investments in party institutionalization in new democracies: a two-dimensional approach

Bolleyer, Nicole; Ruth, Saskia Pauline
ISSN: 1468-2508
In: The journal of politics: JOP. - Chicago, Ill: Univ. of Chicago Press. ISSN: 1468-2508. - 80(2018), 1, S.288-302

Flucht als Herausforderung neokolonialer Herrschaftsstrategien

Fröhlich, Christiane

Contribution of constitutional courts to the democratic quality of elections in Sub-Saharan Africa: a comparative case study of Madagascar and Senegal

Heyl, Charlotte Elisabeth

The 'Internal opposition effect' of international sanctions: insights from Burundi, Zimbabwe and a qualitative comparative analysis of SUB-Saharan Africa

Grauvogel, Julia

Frame diffusion and institutional choice in regional economic cooperation

Lenz, Tobias
ISSN: 1752-9727
In: International theory: a journal of international politics, law and philosophy. - Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press. ISSN: 1752-9727. - 10(2018), 1, S.31-70



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