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South Africa's watershed election : the dawn of coalition politics

Rubin, Maxine; Soest, Christian von
Hamburg: German Institute for Global and Area Studies, Juni 2024

Who benefits from tree-planting in the global South? : The case of two carbon offset projects in Laos

Geissel, Daniel; Keovichith, Chintanaphone; Rivera, Nikka ...
February 2024
In: Deal narrative. - [Bern]: Land Matrix consortium. - (February 2024), 1(2024), February, Seite 7

Taiwan’s new president : priorities and challenges

Anand, Adhiraaj; Duggal, Mahima; Kühn, David
Hamburg: German Institute for Global and Area, Mai 2024

Venezuela : de la pax malandra a la paz ciudadana

López Caldera, Anaís (HerausgeberIn); Kurtenbach, Sabine (HerausgeberIn)
Caracas: ildis, instituto Latinoamericano de Investigaciones Sociales - Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Venezuela; Hamburg: GIGA, German Institute For Global and Area Studies, Octubre 2023
ISBN: 9789806077881; 978-980-6077-88-1

Weaponizing populism : how Thailand’s civil society went from anti-populism to anti-democracy campaigns

Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
In: Routledge handbook of populism in the Asia Pacific. - Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. - (2024), (2024), Seite 302-315

Measuring the global response to antimicrobial resistance, 2020–21 : a systematic governance analysis of 114 countries

Patel, Jay; Harant, Anne; Fernandes, Genevie ...
June 2023
ISSN: 1474-4457
In: The lancet. Infectious diseases. - New York, NY: Elsevier. ISSN: 1474-4457. - (June 2023), 23(2023), 6, Seite 706-718

Entwicklung messen : ein Überblick über verschiedene Indikatioren und ihre Grenzen

Hein, Wolfgang
In: Handbuch Entwicklungsforschung. - Wiesbaden: Springer VS. - (2023), (2023), Seite 159-173

Building pathways to peace : state-society relations and security sector reform

Ansorg, Nadine; Kurtenbach, Sabine
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023
ISBN: 9781009462662; 9781009406758; 978-1-00-946266-2; 978-1-00-940675-8

How and why do courts tweet? : An explorative study of Latin American high courts

Tibi Weber, Cordula
In: Conocimiento, poder y transformación digital en América Latina. - Madrid: Iberoamericana. - (2024), (2024), Seite 43-58

Pressure proofing : how authoritarian regimes respond to sanctions

Soest, Christian von
In: Research handbook on authoritarianism. - Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. - (2024), (2024), Seite 300-315

The law of God, the law of the State and the law of Crime : an anthropological account of the consolidation of multiple normative regimes in Brazilian urban margins

Maldonado, Janaina
ISSN: 2770-6877
In: Legal pluralism and critical social analysis. - London: Taylor & Francis Group. ISSN: 2770-6877. - (2024), 56(2024), 1, Seite 33-56

Can information constraints explain the low efficiency in premium quality rice cultivation? : evidence from smallholder farmers in Bangladesh

Kubitza, Christoph; Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan; Gupta, Ishika ...
June 2024
ISSN: 1477-9552

Einstellungen der Bevölkerung in Deutschland zu Militärhilfen für die Ukraine

Kleinschnittger, Janosch; Brettfeld, Katrin; Richter, Thomas ...
Wiesbaden: Motra, 2024

Europe’s Brazil? : How Ukraine could transform Europe’s role in global food supply

Keulertz, Martin; Wörtz, Eckart; Gilmont, Michael
ISSN: 1029-0400
In: International journal of environmental studies. - London [u.a.]: Taylor & Francis. ISSN: 1029-0400. - (2024), 81(2024), 1, Seite 169-176

The logic of cooperation in autocracies : political opposition in the third Yemeni Republic

Heibach, Jens
Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 2024
ISBN: 9780815638407; 9780815638391; 978-0-8156-3840-7; 978-0-8156-3839-1

India after the 2024 elections : trends and implications

Duggal, Mahima; Mahapatra, Sangeeta; Plagemann, Johannes ...
Hamburg: German Institute for Global and Area Studies, April 2024

In the eyes of the beholders : the legitimacy of global governance institutions under multipolarity

Chu, Sinan; Holbig, Heike; Narlikar, Amrita ...
ISSN: 1468-2478
In: International studies quarterly: the journal of the International Studies Association. - Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISSN: 1468-2478. - (2024), 68(2024), 2 vom: März, Artikel-ID sqae034, 1 Online-Ressource (14 Seiten)

Iran's strategies in response to changes in US-China relations

Bazoobandi, Sara
ISSN: 1475-4967
In: Middle East policy. - Oxford [u.a.]: Wiley-Blackwell. ISSN: 1475-4967. - (2024), 31(2024), 1, Seite 120-132

Purifcation of the Higher Education System and Jihad of Knowledge in Iran

Bazoobandi, Sara
Hamburg: German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), April 2024

Strategizing pushbacks against digital repression : insights from Southeast Asia

Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
In: New digital dilemmas: resisting autocrats, navigating geopolitics, confronting platforms. - Washington, DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. - (2023), (2023), Seite 15-18

The evolvement of Iran–Israel’s rivalry in the Red Sea and Eastern Africa

Bazoobandi, Sara; Talebian, Hamid
ISSN: 2576-5957
In: Asian journal of middle eastern and islamic studies. - London: Taylor & Francis Group. ISSN: 2576-5957. - (2023), 17(2023), 4, Seite 341-355



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