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New at the Library
La situación de la seguridad y la justicia, 2009-2014: entre expectativas de cambio, mano dura militar y treguas pandilleras
Layered inequalities: land grabbing, collective land rights and afro-descendant resistance in Colombia
Urbane (T)Räume
Wangari Maathai: visionary, environmental leader, political activist
Raised hopes, shattered dreams: democracy, the oppressed, and the Church in Africa (the case of Zambia)
Desarrollo, cohesión social y políticas públicas en el itinerario del Bienestar: reflexiones sobre el primer decenio del siglo XXI en Costa Rica
Why humans cooperate: a cultural and evolutionary explanation
Gobernalidad, ciudadania y democracia participativa: análisis comparado España - México
The Lusaka years: the ANC in exile in Zambia, 1963 - 1994
Unpopular sovereignty: Rhodesian independence and African decolonization
Conjonctures congolaises 2013: percée sécuritaire, flottements politiques et essor économique
Greater than Rome: Neubestimmungen britischer Imperialität 1870-1914
Political thought and China’s transformation: ideas shaping reform in post-Mao China
The China challenge: shaping the choices of a rising power
Illegality, Inc.: clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe
China: Reich auf der Kippe: IP Länderporträt special
Chinesische Direktinvestitionen in Deutschland und Europa: eine neue Ära chinesischen Kapitals
Constitutions and conflict management in Africa: preventing civil war through institutional design
Divide-and-rule politics and political survival in Africa south of the Sahara
Urban mobilizations and new media in contemporary China
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